Thank you for your interest in the 2020 Cinco de Mayo festival on Cherokee Street! The event will take place on Saturday, May 2nd from 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM (subject to change) on Cherokee Street between Nebraska and Jefferson. To participate, you need to read and agree to the vendor rules below. Follow the link to the vendor application and payment page.

Once payment is recieved, you will receive an email confirmation with the application. It needs to be completed and submitted within 10 business days. Upon review/ acceptance, you will receive a vendor letter and a list of requirements to begin securing your permits for the festival. 


1.    We prefer all payments to be made online.  All fees must be paid by corresponding deadlines. Failure to meet deadlines will result in a forfeiture of participation in the festival. 

2.    Vendors must list all products that they wish to sell. Only items approved at the time of permit issuance can be sold. Cherokee Events Non-Profit reserves the right to reject any product(s) the vendor may wish to sell.  Rejected applications will be returned with notice of cause.   

3.    Cherokee Events Non-Profit reserves the right to accept or reject applications.  If Cherokee Events Non-Profit chooses to reject your application prior to the April 6th deadline, a full refund will be issued.

4.    Submitting a completed application indicates vendor acceptance of these rules in their entirety. 

5.    After approval, you must apply for all licenses and permits with the City of St. Louis. Each vendor is responsible for obtaining needed permits by April 6th. After approval, Food and Liquor Vendors are required to attend a vendor meeting on April 6th. (Location & Time TBD)

All City Permits will be available for application AFTER March 16th.

Liquor Permit Requirements

Food Permit Requirements

6.    A certificate of liability insurance is required naming Cherokee Events Non-Profit, its Board of Directors, agents and assigns, and the City of St. Louis, Missouri as “additional insured” for the time of the events.  Insurance must be in the amount of $1,000,000 deemed acceptable to Cherokee Events Non-Profit in accordance with vendor’s activity. Proof of standard business liability and worker compensation (where applicable) is acceptable. Vendors for whom certificates of insurance are not received will not be issued credentials. 

Liability Insurance

7.    All vendors are given an opportunity to request the block of their preferred location for vending in the application. (Location requests are a first come first serve basis) Cherokee Events Non-Profit  will choose all final booth locations based on safety, traffic, logistic, and neighborhood concerns. All decisions by Cherokee Events Non-Profit are final. 

8.    For safety reasons, all vendors are responsible for keeping the sidewalk around their booth clear. This is VERY important this year and will be strictly enforced by the Festival AND STLFD.

9.    The laws of the State of Missouri and the City of St. Louis will apply to all vendors.  Failure to comply with these laws will cause your booth to be closed with no refunds.

10.   Cherokee Events Non-Profit  presents this event for the general public and reserves all rights as the sole producer of the event.

11.    No toy guns, smoke bombs, fireworks, or snap poppers/snappers/bang pops/bang snaps are allowed to be sold at the festival. 

12.    Cherokee Events Non-Profit  has contracted sponsorship agreements that provide for the preferred sales of specific product lines by vendors choosing to sell in that category.  All vendors are expected to cooperate with the sponsorship agreements.  All sponsorship agreements will be announced in April of 2020. Failure to cooperate will compromise your ability to participate in future festivals.

13.    Attendance at this event is weather related. Cherokee Events Non-Profit, its Board of Directors or authorized representatives make no guarantees, representations, or compensation regarding attendance.

14.    Applicant agrees to not hold Cherokee Events Non-Profit, its Board of Directors or its authorized representatives liable regarding weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, governmental intervention, or any other incident that may prevent and/or interrupt the event causing a loss of business.

15.    Vendors are responsible for trash pick-up and removal from their assigned location and the 10 feet surrounding the area.  Residential dumpsters are not available for commercial use.  Cherokee Events Non-Profit will provide dumpsters and recycling stations specifically for this event and will be clearly marked. Remember, you are a guest in our neighborhood. 

16.    Any vendor dealing with grease or oil is required to provide receptacles into which you can safely secure your grease and take it with you to your place of business or an approved disposal location. Leaving or disposing of your grease or oil in any other manner will result in a $250/$500 fine. You will be billed through PayPal, if this bill is unpaid, you will not be allowed to participate in future festivals, and pursued through collections.

17.    Bottles, cans, coolers and backpacks will not be allowed in the event area.  Vendors must pour all drinks into disposable cups (NO FOAM CUPS)

18.    Those working in a booth must be at least 18 years of age.

19.    We are recycling this year! Help us reduce our trash and reach our Green Goals!

  • No foam containers allowed (use paper boats)
  • Only Recyclable food service ware

20.    Parking and access to the event area will be tightly restricted. All vehicles must be off the premises by 9:30 AM and vendors are allowed to hand cart additional supplies throughout the day. Vendors will not be allowed back on the premises until after the street is cleared or after 10:00 PM. If any vehicles are found parked on the street between 9:30 A.M. to 10:00 PM, they will be towed.

21.    All vendors must arrive between 7-9am and check in at Vendor Check In Tent located on the north side of Texas and Cherokee. All vendors will need to check in at this location. Vendors are not allowed on the street prior to 7am.

22.    All booths are required to be set up and ready for operation from 10:00 A. M. to 10:00 P. M. on May 2nd, 2020.  Any vendor caught selling beyond these times will have their permit pulled and will be fined.

23. End of Festival Clean Up: All vendors are expected to leave the area free of trash, grease and debris. If you choose to leave any of the items you brought with you for the festival to clean up, you will be charged a $250/$500 fine. You will be billed through PayPal, if this bill is unpaid, you will not be allowed to participate in future festivals, and pursued through collections.






All space is subject to availability. If you plan to participate, please make your payment online first. Upon receipt of payment you will receive and application. Please fill out and submit your application within 10 business days. A wait list will be generated on a first come first served basis. From the time of your payment confirmation email all vendors will have 10 business days to submit a completed application. (Payment does not ensure that you are vendor at the festival. Payment and a completed application ensures your vendor position.) 



If you have questions regarding the payment and application process, email

Cherokee Events Non-Profit reserves the right to review all applications and make vendor decisions based on need and diversity of products sold at the festival. No independent vendor will be granted exclusivity at the festival.